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AirTags and Find My Android Detector App Launched by Apple

Apple has developed Tracker Detect for Android, which is aimed to assist individuals who don’t have iPhones or iPads in detecting AirTags and other Find My network-enabled sensors that may be nearby. The new app, which introduced on Monday on the Google Play store, is designed to help customers find item trackers that connect with Apple Find My network. “You can scan to try to find it if you fear someone is using AirTag or another gadget to track your whereabouts,” the app states.

Apple Tracker Detect software for Android is the company’s latest attempt to improve Find My network device privacy, and it comes less than a year after the company released its AirTags for $29 each or $99 for a four-pack. Using Find My network technology, saw the gadgets as a simple method to locate lost keys, book bags, and other items. Apple also praised the device’s security, claiming that the device’s unique identification numbers for each AirTag are periodically changed to prevent hacking and accidental tracking.

Encrypted communication is also used by the devices. If the Tracker Detector app discovers an unexpected AirTag that is not associated with its owner, for example, it will be indicated as “Unknown AirTag” in the app. After recognising the tracker, the Android app can play a sound within 10 minutes.

According to , it might take up to 15 minutes for a tracker to appear in the app after it has been separated from its owner. If the tracker is an AirTag, will provide instructions for removing the battery from the app. Apple also advises users to contact law enforcement if they believe their safety is at jeopardy as a result of the item tracker.

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