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AI Technology can be controlled from Anywhere

We are entering a new phase of the modern era, and innovative Technology makes life easier. It’s nothing new that LG gives us the chance to try out the most cutting-edge technologies at a premium price. To live up to its reputation, LG’s Air Conditioner has created AI ThinQ, a voice-activated artificial intelligence (AI) that allows you to manage and utilise your air conditioner more easily.

It allows you to connect to Wifi and make good use of it. Even from outside your home, you can easily regulate your air conditioning. LG’s AI ThinQ Technology is one of the smartest on the market, and Butterfly Group is the exclusive distributor in Bangladesh for this device. LG ThinQ is an Artificial Intelligence Technology that enables air conditioners to analyse real-time changes in the room and adjust the temperature accordingly. Overall, it’s something you might like doing.

If you understand how AI ThinQ Technology works, it’s simple to make the most of it. To use this smart invention, you’ll need to conduct some setup. First and foremost, go to the Google Play Store and download the “LG ThinQ” app. It’s completely free. To continue, you must first create an account. Please keep in mind that you can do this with a preferred account.

After you’ve completed, click Allow Device Location Access to return to the main page. To assist you in selecting your Air Conditioner product unit, there is a plus or add a sign. It’s vital that your air conditioner doesn’t interfere with your wireless signal. Release the fan button when you hear a beep. The wi-fi icon will begin to blink, and a buzzing sound will be heard.

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