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AI is Not an Existential Threat to Humanity, Claim the Scientists

We drive AI systems every day in human life. AI describes computer systems that are able to perform tasks more fluidly than human intelligence. A primary instance for it can be: when you search something on the internet, the top results you perceive are decided by the. Any surfing recommendations you get on your systems or any links to the shopping website will also be based on  algorithms.

These algorithms utilize your browser history to confront things that you might get interested in. Targeted recommendations have elongated their way too forward and have become monotonous. AI systems generally are depicted as super-intelligent robots that could overthrow humanity in the future. To address the problem we called upon various Scientists, and there was an 82 percent consensus that it is not an existential Threat.

The AI that currently exists is contemplated narrow or weak AI. has expanded its apparition to facial recognition apps, self-driving cars, and internet recommendations. While these patterns and systems are considered, an extensive version could possibly threaten Humanity. It is not clear that when the AGI will come out, but can we expect it to pose any threat to humans, let’s find out: AGI learns from experience and data as opposed to being explicitly told what to do. This means that, when faced with a new situation it has not seen before, we may not be able to completely predict how it reacts.

Scientists affirm that no version of AI is controllable and utilizable by humans, as humans lack the robustness to handle high-tech specifications. Alas, not being able to control the super-intelligent systems could be disastrous to humans. Robots and systems do not need to be sentient to be dangerous. They just have to be effective tools in the hands of humans who desire to hurt others. It is a bewildering threat that exists today.

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