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ACR Electronics Buys Satellite Communication Device Provider

ACR Electronics Inc. on Wednesday announced that it has completed the acquisition of Bivy, a privately held Satellite Communication Device, and outdoor adventure app provider. The current Acquisition enables ACR Electronics to expand its outlay of emergency beacons and life-saving products with Bivy stick.

The two-way satellite messenger by Bivy is the smallest and coherent Satellite Communication Device across the world. The app would engage to work with the user’s smartphone to channelize the benefits of a GPS unit and satellite two-way commutator.

The worldwide trending Bivy stick is one for the marine and aviation enthusiasts as it provides them a simple way of sending SMS messages, tracking, and sharing vital information in a state of emergency.

ACR Electronics president, John T.Nguyen quoted: “While there continues to be great demand for the no-hassle benefits provided by a PLB, the acquisition of Bivy enables us to offer a completely different product to those customers who prefer the instant gratification of two-way text messaging and tracking, along with SOS.”

The ACR Electronics groups provide a bulk of products to the marine and aviation industries. The products include  ARTEX, Skytrax, Flight Data Systems, FreeFlight Systems, Ocean Signal, United Moulders (UML), Latitude Technologies, and NAL Research. The latest eccentricity would help the aviation industry to view live weather forecasts and initiate a distress alarm in case of emergency. Though it is still unknown when will the device be officially accessible to these industries, and what more features could the company instill to improve the quality of Maps and audio systems.

The features are based on an emergency situation and especially for the customers who prefer the comprehension of two-way messaging via Satellite Communication Devices.

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