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A New Way of Blocking the Scams on iPhone

A TikTok user gets a lot of praise after sharing how to block unknown numbers in an iPhone.The tip has come out from a popular Tech Social 101 (@mytechsocial101), which often shares such technological hacks on the platform.

Phone hacks – particularly the ones that involve blocking junk callers are constantly going viral on TikTok. In the past few weeks, the users have shared their own tricks for reporting doubtful text messages and convincing or warning the spammers to never call again.This latest trick shares the 2 iPhone settings that many TikTok users have said that no one ever knew existed. Both of them are the most helpful for blocking unknown numbers completely.The first tip from the account helps with blocking the calls from potential scammers.

To use this setting, one needs to go to Settings, then by clicking on Phone and turning on the option labeled “Silence Unknown Callers”, all calls received from the numbers which are not saved in one’s contact list will be silenced.

The second trick shows how to block the text messages received from such scammers on an iPhone. To do that, one has to go to Settings, and then click on Messages, and further turn on “Filter Unknown Senders.” In the same way, this will prevent the unknown numbers or those not saved in the contacts from texting the user. Instead of going to the regular messages page, the users will get sorted into a second tab, labeled as “Unknown Senders.”

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